Watch Grey’s Anatomy Season7 Ep8 Something’s Gotta Give 11/11/10

A team of doctors tries to save the life of a political figure from the Middle East; Cristina decides to decorate her new place and throw a housewarming party; Alex shows up late to his first day of rounds with the new pediatrics attending

Watch 30 Rock Season 5 Ep7 Brooklyn Without Limits 11/11/10

Jack tries to influence a congressional election to help a candidate (John Slattery) for the benefit of the network; Jenna helps Liz find the perfect pair of jeans.

Watch The Office Season 7 Ep8 Viewing Party 11/11/10

Erin and Gabe host a “Glee” viewing party; Michael is upset when people refer to Gabe as his boss; Andy becomes increasingly jealous.Watch The Office Season 7 Ep8 Viewing Party 11/11/10 Online

Watch The Bigbang Theory Season 4 Ep 8 The 21-Second Excitation 11/11/10

While the guys camp out for a long-awaited movie screening, Penny and Bernadette invite Amy to her first slumber party. You can also watch the episode here.

Watch Glee Season 2 Ep6 Never Been Kissed 11/9/10

When Finn and Sam find an unconventional way of controlling their urges, other members of glee club also start to use the strategy.

Watch Gossip Girl Season 4 Ep8 Juliet doesn’t live here anymore 11/8/10

Blair and Chuck decide to end their vindictive games; one of Juliet’s secrets are discovered; Nate and Dan realize they still have feelings for Serena.

Watch How I met your mother Season 6 Ep8 Natural History 11/8/10

When, Ted and the gang attend a black tie fundraiser at the Natural History Museum, Ted runs into Zoey and sees a whole different side of her when she introduces him to her husband, The Captain